About us

I began this business over 25 years ago when the appeal of tiny clothes became a passion! Selling quietly to discerning clients through mail order, internet and occasionally in selective, specialist, retail stores.

The designs, always inspired by history, heritage and exquisite vintage clothes, have evolved and endured the years. Trained in Haute Couture many years ago, these same principles apply to children’s clothes, too! Perhaps even more so, today, in the global market-place – we ship all over the world! Having stepped back for a while, surveyed this new explosion of choice, I have concluded there is still a niche core of like-minded clients who want Tradition to continue through their own children. It is with this knowledge, and my past experience, that I have a clear understanding of where I want to be.

Here in rural Cornwall, near to beautiful St. Ives, I have a dedicated studio/workshop up in the hills, amidst the dramatic north coast. I spend every day creating beautiful clothes: from sketch to pattern, toile to mannequin and, finally, from cutting table to sewing machine, with exceptional creative artisans helping in between. It is quite simply a continuation of quintessential British Tradition.

Patricia x


We only choose the very best fabrics for our clothes. It is not an option to economise. Nearly everything we buy is British, although some do come from Europe. Winter fabrics are easy, with a vast choice: woollens, pure cottons and, of course, beautiful Liberty prints. Britain excelling at what it has always done best!

Only by using the finest can the end product endure the test of time…..and it is, indeed, what we strive to achieve….clothes that are the heirlooms of tomorrow. These timeless classics will get passed from child to child, packed away and brought out again in years to come, still looking good.

Careful choices today make for a better planet tomorrow.


Sometimes there is confusion understanding how we work. “Made to order”? Yes, we do, exactly that. It is simply because we can and it makes economic sense to a small business like ours with a specialist market. It is almost impossible to second-guess what our customers will like each season (we are all fickle creatures at heart). Certain items will be ordered over and over, others will languish. The size range covers every age from 3 months to 8 years (9 sizes!), the fabrics we have to hold in stock runs into¬† 50+ different colours/designs/textures. You don’t need to be a mathematician…..!

There are pros and cons with every business. We like to think the pros outnumber the cons. We rarely have to say something is out of stock, if your child is a little different in size we can accommodate that before cutting the garment, you have a wide choice of garments, many co-ordinating to complete an outfit. Cons: you have to wait a little – now currently called ‘slow fashion’.

Occasionally, we are asked to make something quite different, as if we are their ‘personal dressmaker’. The answer is always a polite ‘No’. Everything we design and put online has been carefully worked out, colour matched, sized correctly and can be replicated exactly for each order we receive.